Net Zero Initiatives

Bruce Power is seeking partners for its Clean Energy Credits and Nuclear Carbon Offset protocol

Bruce Power is advancing a project to establish the necessary nuclear carbon offset protocol to allow new incremental nuclear output to be accredited for an avoided emissions benefit, to quantify and validate the vital role nuclear power plays in decarbonizing the electricity sector. Bruce Power, working with GHD, is developing a Nuclear Carbon Offset Protocol, with plans to register the project on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), GHG CleanProjects® Registry, which is based on ISO 14064 standards for greenhouse gas inventory and reporting.

The purpose for this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to bring together key partners in the energy sector and establish the necessary validation pathway that will allow new, incremental/additional, and possibly refurbished nuclear to be accredited for avoided emissions. Proponents who have committed publicly to net zero targets or are looking to make commitments to net zero targets are welcome to apply.

Bruce Power issues this EOI by looking to form strategic partnerships with Ontario-based industrial operations in difficult to decarbonize sectors of the economy, who have committed publicly to Net Zero targets, are supportive of the development of the Clean Energy Registry and supportive of carbon offsets generated from new, incremental nuclear power.

If you are an interested in supporting this project, Bruce Power welcomes applications from all industry, all indigenous, and non-Indigenous community organizations.

EOI responses ideally (where applicable):

  • Describe interest in a strategic partnership on the basis of supporting decarbonization in effort to achieve your sustainability and net zero targets in Ontario.
  • Indicate support for nuclear produced Clean Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets.
  • Indicate an intention to seek tangible, additional (supporting development of clean energy) and credible (validated and accredited) clean energy credits.
  • Include an estimated quantity of GHG reductions the company is seeking to offset through Carbon Offset Credits on a conservative and scientifically credible basis.
  • Include a high-level estimate of funds dedicated to the purchase of Carbon Offset Credits and the value assigned to voluntary carbon offsets specific to new, incremental nuclear generation

Please print, sign and scan the completed EOI including the signed Schedule A. You are also welcome to include a reasonable amount of supporting documents when making your submission.

Submissions will be accepted through March, 2023.

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