Net Zero Initiatives

Join the Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. carbon reduction efforts

By building off Bruce Power’s foundational nuclear output as a key enabler of decarbonization, Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. will unlock the potential of other complementary technologies to nuclear including storage, renewables, hydrogen, and electrified transportation to achieve a Net Zero future.

Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. issues this Expression of Interest (EOI) in order to solicit ideas (collectively, “Information”) from entities (the “Proponents”) for projects that measurably reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). 

The purpose of this EOI is to build a portfolio of potential carbon off-set projects that are located in Ontario and explore the viability of supporting projects that complement the role of nuclear and assist Bruce Power and Ontario to achieve Net Zero targets. Proponents of large projects that can generate reductions at a reasonable cost per tonne of CO2e, as well as proponents of smaller projects that have public service benefit, are both welcome to respond.

Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. welcomes Indigenous and non-Indigenous community partnership projects, as well as projects with a view to government partnership.

EOI responses ideally (where applicable):

  • Include an estimated quantity of GHG reductions on a conservative and scientifically credible basis.
  • Indicate when reductions would be available, with preference given towards projects with reductions available before 2027 or earlier.
  • Include a high-level estimate of total project costs.

Bruce Power Net Zero Inc.’s involvement in projects can take on many forms – from fully conceiving, constructing and managing the project to coordinating with another organization to carry out the project.

Please print, sign and scan the completed EOI including the signed Schedule A. A Word version of Schedule A is provided for your convenience. You are also welcome to include a reasonable amount of supporting documents when making your submission. 

Submissions will be accepted through June 30, 2022.  

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