Operating Assets

Bruce Power Net Zero Inc., formerly known as Huron Wind is Ontario’s first commercial wind farm.  Huron Wind has since been renamed to Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. and is a joint consortium consisting of TC Energy and OMERS.

Operating since 2002, Huron Wind is comprised of five 1.8-Megawatt wind turbines, designed by Vestas.

Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. received its Environmental Choice certification from TerraChoice, a Canadian organization that provides independent benchmarking for environmentally friendly products. The certificate acknowledges that Huron Wind has been inspected, audited, and complies with standards that make it a provider of clean, renewable energy. 

Historical photo of a team breaking ground for Huron Wind build.

Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. Facts

Annually, the wind farm provides enough electricity to supply 3,000 homes with power.

The turbine starts to produce electricity when the wind reaches speeds of four metres per second. Full power is reached at 16 metres per second. The turbines shut themselves down for protection at speeds greater than 25 metres per second.

Performance Data

Parkunit Contractual Warranted Availability % Actual Production MWh Capacity Factor
WTG02 98.2 53,314.8 28.96
WTG03 96.9 49,429.7 26.85
WTG04 97.2 50,675.0 27.53
WTG05 95.4 47,084.1 25.58
WTG06 98.5 52,447.6 28.49
Total - 252,951.2 -
Min. - - 25.58
Avg. 97.2 - 27.48
Max - - 28.96


The Bruce Power Net Zero Inc. wind farm is located west of Hwy. 21, on Bruce County Rd. 20, six kilometres northwest of Tiverton, in the Municipality of Kincardine.

View the wind farm from the Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre at 3394 Bruce County Rd. 20. Learn more about the Visitors’ Centre at www.brucepower.com/in-the-community/visitors-centre.

Photo of some powerlines

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